Anyone had a test like this

If so How far along were you?
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My first was like this, I was about 3 weeks, on my way to 4

Everyone's HCG concentration in their pee is different. Some may not achieve this until 6 weeks and some may achieve it at 4.5. To get this you'd typically need an hcg level of over 2000 (which is unlikely before 4ish weeks)

4 weeks with twins

3 weeks and 5 days I think x

I had a dye stealer after 5 weeks I’d say

I was 5-6 weeks

@Cassandra yours is a faint positive not a dye stealer as the result line is a lot fainter than the control line

3/4weeks for me


5-6 weeks.

Thanks everyone! I’m freaking out a little as my first test when I was meant to be 7+1 was like this photo below. But then I got a blood test the day after and the result came back only 1200hcg so I couldn’t be 7 weeks I don’t think. My dating scan isn’t until the 15th and I’m having cramping, so I’m trying to make sure things are progressing 😭

Yes I ended up having a miscarriage I was in early pregnancy about 6 w

Around 4 weeks x

@Joanne sorry for your loss

Mine was darker than this at 3w 6d

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