Kinda nervous

So I have a 9 month old I’m 32 days late in my period I took 2 test but they were negative I don’t feel like I’m pregnant because I missed a period before is this normal should I take another test ??
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If you're 32 days late, maybe schedule something with an OBGYN and get a blood test instead to make sure you're not pregnant?

Yea honestly with my daughter I got my period all my test were negative I only found out bc I felt like fainting every so often it’s different everytime I would schedule something with the doctor

All of my cycles now are 35-38 days long and I missed one not pregnant just all over the place, 10 month pp

@Rebekah yes I will try I just took 2 more test and they came out negative I will make a appointment to make sure

@Lesley oh my ok I will definitely go get checked professionally

@Ellie I’m 9 months pp and I have missed before because so much stress and I also always mixed my period cycle with my family all girls in one house

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