Baby suddenly become fussy and crying alot..

Hi moms! My baby is almost 11 months old, she has always been a very Happy and fuss free baby till a week back, she got a fever and since then she is very irritable, cranky and keeps crying very often (many times it sounds forced and fake) she already has 8 teeth and she has never been like this while teething also. I'm super confused and don't know how to figure out what's bothering her, her fever is gone, I co sleep and breastfeed so it's not like I'm keeping her away from me, she did start going to day care 4 weeks back but she was doing well there as well but now when she sees me while pick up she starts crying but if her dad picks her up she is fine. I need help, I feel lost.
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I would see her pediatrician to make sure she's fully recovered from her sickness and to rule out any other medical stuff. If everything is ok, give it a bit of time and see if it improves. Daycare is a huge change for them and could affect their behaviour (separation anxiety, or even things that happen there...). Monitor and if still concerned, consult the pedi or an OT (they're a great resource in my opinion!)

Take her to see a healthcare provider if possible, to rule out medical issues related to her recent illness such as ear infections etc.

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