When did you get your baby their first pair of shoes?

When did you get your LO their first pair of proper shoes? Our 10 month old took her first steps yesterday, so do I get her some now? I want her to be able to practice when we go out for walks etc ☺️
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i got his first pair of shoes when he was about to do his first steps so he would start getting used to them. initially just put them on for a little while and then increased the time. so when he started walking properly he was already used to them and ready to walk anywhere So yeah, I would suggest to get them now 😊😊

I didn’t start putting shoes on her until she started walking and i would only really put them on if she was going to walk somewhere outside or where the floor is not clean (basically anywhere other than our house lol)

I wouldn’t bother until they are out walking to be honest. Babies are best barefoot because of their bones :) x

I bought her them shortly after her first steps but I would only put them on her when we went outside to the park on the grass. You'll notice their balance isn't as good in the shoes and can take a little time to get used to them but it's super important they learn to properly walk indoors without any shoes on to allow the bones and foot development plenty of room. Also as cute and funny as it is avoid welly boots until they are confident walkers 😆

His 1st bday. He started walking at 10 months and we had a pair of soft bottom shoes which he would then wear outside but weren’t suitable. Around his bday he just wanted to be down so we bought him proper shoes

@Kelly thank you! This is exactly what I was thinking! I want to get some shoes for outdoors as we go out to parks etc a lot with the dog and her cousins! But 100% wanted to continue with no shoes in the house ☺️ xx

I got shoes for my lo a few weeks after she started walking but only put them on her for walking outside as its better for the development of there feet to walk barefoot as much as possible. So if your lo has only just taken a few steps I would wait until your ready for them to walk outside then get a pair just for outside walking.

Our lived in dotty fish shoes for the first few months of walking, they were awesome.

My son started walking at 9 months, but we didn’t put shoes on him until he was around 14 months. Even then, he didn’t really start using them for everyday walking until he was around 16 months. (11-14 months was winter tho so we weren’t really outside much)

I bought sheos when she was first newborn thought it was so cute they had 0-3 months sheos 😭😂 since then I started buying sheos for every age

First steps are always a good sign to get proper shoes! My little one got hers just before her first steps and now she's walking brilliantly xx

I didn’t buy shoes at all until they were fully walking. Both of my kids were fully walking by 11 months. I bought their first pair of shoes for their 1st bday.

We got our son his at 13-14 months when he started really walking

A few weeks after they started walking, when they were walking consistently

Second child when she was walking confidently/ enough to be walking outside First child at 9 months when he was taking his first steps as I believed some bs I was told that shoes helped with stability and balance....🤦🏼‍♀️

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