Anyone not transitioned from bottle to cup for.milk?

I tried this morning and my little one screamed blue murder so of course I gave in but anyone got any advice on how to swap it out?
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Mine has two bottles still but I’m going to try to shift him to a sippy cup next week for at least the morning bottle

I still use a bottle for milk, but a cup for juice. I think until I’m advised otherwise or she can use a proper cup on her own (not a baby/toddler cup) she can have milk from a bottle as she still falls asleep having it at night x

My 2.5 year old still has a bottle 👀

my one year old still uses a bottle for his milk before bed x

my son has just transitioned to a tum tum straw cup for milk, i did it a week ago and went cold turkey as we ran out of formula so just been putting his new milk in the new cup so he never associated it with a bottle x

I really wouldn’t stress. My eldest had milk out of a bottle until she was 2 or 3! She struggled putting on weight and was a bad sleeper. If it wasn’t in a bottle she wouldn’t drink it so we worried about her calories and that she’d wake more. Pick your battles I say! My baby has her 3 bottles of milk a day from a bottle and don’t have any intention of changing that soon. We brush her teeth twice a day and it’s not like it takes them long to finish a bottle these days, does it?! A bottle is part of our calm, wind down routine.

This makes me feel better thank you! Was more worried if it would affect his teeth etc xxx

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