Rude or??

My husband and I were planning to take our 10 month old to the snow for the first time this Saturday and my parents asked me if they could come with us. I told my husband and he said sure so I told my parents yes. A couple hours later, he's now saying I can go with them by myself and that he doesn't want to go with my parents. I thought that was just rude and honestly am pretty hurt by it. It's so hard to deal with in laws especially after having kids.. It's also annoying to me that he's not being straight up like saying "i just wanted it to be the 3 of us" I feel if things keep going this way, there are going to be issues and a wedge between him and I or between my family and him. I don't want that, it just sucks.. thank you for letting me vent😩
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Honestly I think he’s being rude, he should have been straight up in the first place and not put you in the position you’ve already agreed they can come, he’s made his bed. Maybe you and him could go an hour early to spend some time just the 3 of you before your parents arrive? Best of both worlds?

Hate to say it because it's cliche but he's got to learn to communicate clearer. It's called growing up and unfortunately alot of men don't know how 😅

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