Crying in sleep

Last night my LO was crying so much in her sleep. Is this normal?? She's just turned 5 months. I tired feeding which normally settles her but she just kept crying in her sleep and being really unsettled for maybe a hour. She is teething so could be this be part of it?!
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I had exactly the same after 5am feed this morning - asleep but crying/whining and took 40 mins to finally settled. I’m assuming teething as you can literally feel the ridges of the tooth on one of the bottom ones under the gum this morning.

Heya, I had the exact same thing last night and checked this morning and her second tooth has broke through, so could be this x

Most likely teething that’s causing it! X

Thank you! Juat hoping the tooth cuts through soon 😅 x

Teething or wind! X

My little boy is 5 months and is doing exactly the same!

Had the exact same last night was horrible I panicked - not like him. Yes I think teething too x

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