Membrane Sweep Preparation

I'm currently 37 weeks and 4 days. I'm in sooooo much pain. Tomorrow, I'm going in for a membrane sweep at my birth center. Does anyone have any advice and comments about what to expect and how to prepare emotionally, mentally, and physically. I read that it takes 10 minutes and can be painful or uncomfortable. My friend told me that listening to music in headphones might help, but I'm curious what else. I am currently nauseous and feeling like I might be having contractions.
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I think how painful it is depends on how dilated you are. I asked for my midwife to just do a cervical check on my due date and because I was already 3cm dilated she offered a sweep. For me it was not uncomfortable at all, but I do think I am a bit of an anomaly. It worked too, my contractions started after that and baby was born 3 days later. Would have been sooner but his hand was up by his head.

@Kayla I was checked like a month ago and was at 1 cm and my midwife tried to check again and it hurt so she stopped and just went with the last checked number 😭 Hopefully it doesn't hurt too bad. I'm in so much pain right now and am so ready for him to come out. Luckily he is head down and I don't think his hand is up by his head so I'm hoping I'll go into labor within the 48 hours.

I’m sorry you’re in so much pain! The relief I felt immediately after giving birth was wild. I was in pain still but a different kind of pain. I am sending you speedy and easy labor vibes!

I also had a membrane sweep but just before I had to be admitted that night. It didn't really phase me regarding pain, but I agree with Kayla about relief as soon as they're out. I pray your labor and delivery are safe and without further complications and that you're blessed with perseverance and support. <3

I did membrane sweep twice for my daughter. Unfortunately they didn’t work but positive side is it only took a minute to do it. It’s uncomfortable but you got this!

@Kayla thank you!

@Liz thank you!

@Saki oh noooo. I'm sorry it didn't work 😔 I hope it works 🥲 Thank you!

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