Worst sciatica pain. Any recommendations for resources or relief please?

My sciatica pain has gotten so much worse. Sharp shooting pain and I can’t seem to rest it properly or find relief. It’s really affecting my day to day activities and I know walking would be good for it but I can barely do that at tens. Some say it is SI joint pain or piriformis syndrome. All very similar area to me I guess. Any advice?
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Try a belly band they are amazing also going to a chiropractor

Try figure four/ pigeon stretches. It works for me every time!!

@Jeri I could barely do the pigeon pose before pregnancy. But I’ll try to do some modification of it perhaps! As well as try some more four figure poses thanks!

@Kamryn🇲🇽 I was thinking of ordering a belly band and wasn’t sure if it would help! Will do!

An easier modification is sitting with your ankle crossed over your opposite knee, reach your chest up and then hinge forward, pressing your crossed knee down. Hope this helps and you find some relief 🫶🏽

Physical therapy. They'll massage it out and give you exercises to strengthen muscles next to the nerve.

you can also try using KT tape to tape up your belly for some relief! i found it helped a lot, i just can’t use it because i also discovered i have an allergic reaction to the adhesive 🫠

I took low dose muscle relaxers to help with the pain. The dr prescribed them and it did wonders for relief. Mine was so bad I couldn’t walk

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