Grossly uncomfortable

I am 35weeks & any position I lay in at this point is uncomfortable… whether its too much pressure or pain 😭 any tips to help with comfort? I would appreciate that 😭
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I’m in the same boat 😭35 weeks as well!!

same thing with me too girl 35 weeks too😭

33 weeks and SAMEEE. 😭

36 weeks on Friday and unfortunately I’ve accepted it, that it’s just part of the final stretch, my partner helps by rubbing my back and I’ll take a semi hot bath with epsom salt to give some relief but have been dealing with the same exact things since 32 weeks, just try to rest and stay off your feet if possible

35 wks here, too. I've been using body pillows to help prop up and support specific areas. Like, I need to have my head elevated to fall asleep.

33+1 and feeling the same. Sooooooo uncomfortable 😣😭

Me too & my pregnancy pillow don’t even help it makes me more uncomfortable 🥲😩

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