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Have you all started using a pregnancy pillow yet? I'm 25 weeks and have the one in the picture. It's great for my back, but I find if I put it under bump to support, it just makes me feel sick, and im much more comfortable without it. Has anyone experienced this? Not sure I need to wait until bump is bigger for it to be beneficial or I should just give up with it 😂
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I have used the Tommy tippee one since first trimester, has been a wonder for PGP. I’m not so much using it around bump, but making sure my back and hips are supported x

I'll have a look at that one, thank you x

I’ve got a U shaped one and started quite early due to hip and knee pain. I don’t use it to support bump yet (23+2) but support my knees and stop me rolling onto back and it’s great!

I have a pillow like this and it was fine in earlier pregnancy but I’m finding I can’t use it anymore (I’m 25+1) because it makes me feel sick from the pressure on my bump. I’m now using one of the U shaped pillows which is much softer and finding that a lot better

Maybe it's a common thing then! Definitely going to look at getting a U shaped one instead, thank you both! X

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