Bruises from blood test anyone else ?

I got bruises from a blood test then I had seen my midwife the next day. She asked me , if those bruises was from a blood test I said they were. I always get those bruises when they do blood test for me during pregnancy I have no idea why. She then went to referral me ‘to domestic violence’ they had called me saying your midwife made referral because she saw bruises. This is absolutely ridiculous cos I am currently not in a relationship like that. My partner would never do that to me lmao. Has she lost her mind? So it’s okay for her to make false assumptions/ allegations? I am honestly annoyed. I messaged her stating this is not true. She said she still needs to make a referral. She was more concerned why they had called me as she told them not too. Guys what the hell?? Is she alright in her head? How would you guys react to this? Am I right to be really annoyed and not even want her as my midwife? I am aware she is trying to protect me but this is all not true and not the case!!
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Whilst you can be annoyed she's absolutely done the right thing. Lots of women are left with bruising like that from DV and she has a duty of care to report it when she sees it to try and protect those women who have to lie and say it's from blood tests etc. as annoying as it is I'd just think of the other women she's reported that are now getting the help they need and how if she just trusted everyone saying oh it's from xyz those poor women would still be in a cycle of abuse x

@YazmynJade yes I get your point but it’s just long to deal with it all when your not in the situation haha but I had made that clear to her anyways. Thanks for your input.

Change your doctor , she’s out of line for that I always bruise from blood test too

You're definitely absolutely right to be annoyed but I'd try and brush it off and not let it get to you xx

My friend is a nurse, and after my last blood test I still had a large bruise a week later. She said you bruise if enough pressure isn't applied for long enough, ie they put a plaster on immediately. I would be making a complaint about that midwife, it isn't usual to bruise after a blood test and she should have believed you

@Lisa exactly , she said she has an obligations to report any marks etc but asked them not to contact me as she had spoken it with me and it wasn’t domestic violence apparently so she said she needs to investigate why they had contacted me

@Lisa was your midwife aware of your bruises? Did she report yours?

Even with DV, the adult involved have the right to decline any help. Breach of confidentiality is only allowed if there are children involved and they are at risk. She might have done the right thing if she suspected DV and you have a child(ren) who is at risk. It’s okay to be mad because DV is not the case. She may just be doing her job (to protect herself lol, and to protect you). You can go with the flow, they won’t find anything anyway or you can change your midwife if you want. If the new midwife suspects DV, she may do the same again😂

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