Obsessed with pregnancy?! 🫣

Anyone else absolutely obsessed with pregnancy and their baby? My partner is incredibly supportive but I think even he is starting to get a bit fed up with me 🙈 I think it comes from anxiety or maybe the fact that I’ve always wanted to be a mum so so much. Every day I am looking at my growth apps and reading things on here, talking about how I feel, what’s happening with my body and the baby etc. I am constantly thinking about it. Would really love to know if others are the same and if anyone has any advice for relaxing into it a bit?
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I was like with my first. It consumed my brain and it’s all I could think about! I didn’t feel like I could talk about anything else and kinda like I lost the rest of my personality 😅 it definitely eased as the pregnancy went on, but I still thought about it a lot! I think it helps when you’ve got a bigger bump and can feel baby moving so you know they are okay 😊

Thank you so much for replying, there’s something about knowing you’re not the only one! I’m seeing my midwife next week so I’ll let her know I’m being a bit of a freak and see if she has any tips 😂 Bump is starting to grow now and I think I can feel him moving so hopefully that will help 🤞

Yes me to an extend! It was worse with my first. I think I have adhd so it’s a bit of a hyper fixation for me

Yes a little, but it's our first and I'm just so excited. I do feel like it's all I talk to my partner about sometimes so when I catch myself I change the subject. I get that some it might be anxiety, you're just verbalising your thoughts. At least there apps like this where we can talk all things baby! x

I’m the same, it’s my 2nd pregnancy. All Im thinking about is my body and my baby, I constantly want to talk about it. My partner grunts at me most of the time instead of entertaining a conversation, he’s fed up 😂

I wouldn't say I'm obsessed with my pregnancy because this is my second baby. But I keep thinking I'm just very happy to get the chance to do it again😊

@Ellen I think this is my problem also 🙈

Thanks all. Very grateful not to be alone. Looking forward to bump continuing to grow and seeing our little boy in scans over the coming months ✨

I feel exactly the same! Swear my husband is sick of me going on about it! I say enjoy feeling like this, it’s a wonderful magical experience. I feel really grateful everyday 💗💗💗

My first I was the same... the second not so much, I just don't have the time and I feel like I remember a lot from the pregnancy podcasts I would listen to on my commute. It is so cool that we are able to do this that I think as long as you feel good then great!

I'm the same! 🤣 I'm 16 weeks with our first and its all I want to talk about. I'm just so grateful and excited 😍 (and a little bit anxious for the 19 week scan as I really want everything to be okay!) 🙏🏻

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