Does your little one say Dada yet? My boy has been saying mama for about two months but still no Dada.. he also says baba, gaga, lala. I feel so bad for his daddy and we're all trying to show him how to say it but he just won't!
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My lo started with dadda but has forgot it now and it’s mamma it will defo happen

He will say it in time my LG first word was dada and then nana she says hiya and ta and its only recently she's started saying mama and she's 10months old xx

Mine is all mama & even the dogs name but not dada 😂 he will eventually 🤞

We’re the opposite.. it’s all dada, daddy, baba, gaga here but no mama 😭😂 the kid is breaking my heart! Only joking but I’m not upset by it so your baby’s daddy may not be either x

Same as Yaz ^🤣 I don’t really care but I am so excited for her to say mama now 🥺🥺😍

Mine will say dada nana baba but no mama yet 😥

We've only just this last week got both dada and mumma. She only says mumma when crying though!

Mine says , gaga , dada but still no mama 😢

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