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Hi I’m going away in June my boy will be 8 months, how does it work with bottles and formula on planes ect? Also car seat does that go with the luggage? Many thanks
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There’s no limit on milk. I took half in my hand luggage and half in checked in luggage. I recommend the ready made ones for ease but I know they’re heavy and expensive. I actually brought formula tabs (Aptamil) and they were easier. Don’t take up as much room and no faffing with measuring out. Car seat goes with your luggage but I’m hiring one for my next trip for ease xx

Also, at security both ways, the milk was taken away to be checked and it took a while! So take that into consideration xx

@Kirsty Awh okay thank you!! Yeah I was gonna get the ready made ones for the plane but I wasn’t sure if I was allowed xxx

Hello we going away too first time with wee one. My sister said what she did was have bottles filled with boiled water as you would in house. On plane flight attendants have something to heat bottles up(this takes time so take into consideration when you will need). We going to US so long 9 hour flight. We making fresh as same anyways.. car seat goes in hold. I didn't want to hire as was unsure what state would be in and price of hiring may aswell buy one x hope you have a lovely stress free easy flight and holiday✈️x

You can take as much as you need through for baby at security. I’m taking pre mades for the airport/ plane and taking formula with Nuby rapid cool for when we are there. I’m not taking my car seat as we won’t be renting a car so it’s not needed for us. Not all baggage handlers take care with your belongings so be mindful if you’re thinking of taking an expensive car seat x

Are you able to take opened formula powder? We have prescription formula so can’t use the tabs or ready made

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