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Hi, I am currently pregnant with baby number 2 and really thinking about opting for an elective c section after a traumatic labour with my first child. I think I can deal with the giving birth knowing once baby is out it’s done, but my recovery afterwards wasn’t plain sailing and took many months and I’m worried of this happening again. Has anyone opted for elective section the 2nd time and have any experience?
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I had an emergency cat 1 then an elective, my elective being 22 weeks ago & honestly both were absolutely fine in terms of recovery, my numbness wore off after 2 hours, I was walking after 4 hours, up and about after 3 days. I took my recovery seriously, kept hydrated, kept on top of pain meds & wasn’t afraid to ask for help. Everyone’s experiences are different, and I know there’s positive and negative with everyone, just don’t let peoples experiences make your own..I’ll be forever grateful for my C-sections! You have a right to birth how you like!! I just loved the fact I was in control and I knew the date my son would be arriving with my elective, it was beautiful, music, chatting, my partner and my mum in the theatre! It’s beautiful xxx

My c section wasn't elective but it was planned (I would have gotten an elective one anyway!) and it was great. I got to choose my baby's birthday (within reason), it was a 45 min procedure (which I got them to film the last part so I could see him coming out), and the recovery was great. Tmi but make sure you get Lactulose ans have it from when you get home straight away until you've pooped or it'll feel like you're giving birth again due to the meds they give you. It's breastfeeding safe as it's just a weird form of sugar. I was up and about really soon and my recovery was a breeze, but I took it really seriously and didn't over strain myself.

I had emergency first time. Elective second. The elective was a better experience but recovery is tough

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