So scared for my c section

I’m booked in for an elective section on Monday because of FGR and high blood pressure and I’m so terrified! I’m honestly more nervous for the anxiety I think I’ll have from being numbed than the pain or being cut open or anything. I’m really worried I’ll feel very detached from my body and freak out. Any reassurance or advice would be amazing🩷
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Hi I had an elective c-section with my first and I was so scared of the epidural...the moment they did it it was the scariest part that last like 5sec. then I was absolutely fine. you still feel something just not the pain. It is a bit weird the feeling but it was ok. and you get to see your baby as soon it is out. time flies and with music in background and the staff that talks to you all the time you don't even realise how the time goes. Do not worry just try to relax and enjoy the birth of your child

I had one too and I promise the nerves are worst part. Everything will be okay.

It’s just nerves I’ve had 2 c-sections it to me feel like a tummy tuck lol or at least what I think a tummy tuck would feel like

It will be fine, have a playlist of music and the staff will talk to you to keep you calm x

Iv never had a c-section with my 2 kids im now 22 weeks with my 3rd im hopin i can have another natural birth 🤞, hope ur be ok. Of course youl feel scared and nervous you not on ur own here. Iv heard people say your numb it just feels a little uncomfortable like tugging at belly thats all, they no what there doing . Hope all goes well for you on Monday keep us updated 😘 and congratulations on your pregnancy xxx

Try not to worry I know it sounds crazy but I found it all quite a non event if you get my drift! So clam and easy peasy! A lovely way to meet your baby. Take it from me (I had a natural 1st time) I was very happy to not have to feel contractions again! Hope it all goes well for you!

Omg we found out yesterday that i also have to have C section on monday, in Lincoln🙌 mines because i’m 40 weeks + 4 and babys too large. But yeah i am also absolutely terrified of it all😭 i keep crying, couldn’t sleep last night. Really really wanted a natural birth and have to adjust to the whole idea. Sorry i have no advice but reassuring to know i’m not the only one who is going to be so scared on the day🙁🫶

I was terrified about everything relating to the c-section before I had it, I was constantly crying all the way up until I was on the table having it done.. Being numb is definitely a strange experience but all I can say to reassure you is that you kind of just forget about everything happening to you once the baby is born (which happens very quickly) having the baby to focus on is a great distraction. Also it all becomes a bit of a blur looking back at it once you are home and recovered!

@Rebecca omg that’s so weird! I know exactly how you feel I was really hoping for a natural water birth with as little intervention as possible. It’s hard letting go of the birth you wanted but all that matters is our babies get here safe! I woke up crying this morning too. Are you going in in the morning?

Speak to your midwife at the hospital as I know at mine the women having planned sections could choose music or videos played onto the ceiling etc to help calm the environment and give you something to focus on. I had an emergency one but heard them talking in my bay

So I had a emergency with first little one due to complications so the second time my consultant gave me the option so I went with the elective and I can’t even express how much more chilled and enjoyable the experience was!!!!! I remember it all I didn’t feel dazed or unwell just remember it being such a happy time!!!! I even had a few complications due to old scar tissue from the first one being such a rush and even after that it was such a nice experience!!! Just go in get comfortable and enjoy it! ❤️❤️ Also ask for help if you need it afterwards and trust me when they say they have seen it all! I had a bed bath and tbh I didn’t care what anyone thought! I was just in my baby bubble! Another peice of advice ask someone to help you get up walking cause the trapped wind is terrible afterwards! Ask for peppermint tablets and a bit of walking about will help ease the wind pain! Happy birthing!!!❤️❤️

@Lauren omg the trapped wind was awful I couldn’t even pick my baby up at one point but luckily they had tons of peppermint tea

I really hated the feeling of the epidural - tmi: i was completely distraught by the fact that i could not move any of my butt muscles or pelvic floor - IDK why but that was terribly upsetting. Almost more than needing an emergency c section in the first place, or the rash/itching from the fentanyl during surgery.

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