How to get milk supply back up

My baby girl is 3 weeks old. When she was born she lost 8% of her original weight so I decided to supplement to get her back on track. It worked, but I’ve been too dependent on the formula and my milk supply has suffered. When I pump I get no where how much I use to :(. It also might be due to my diet and lack of water intake. I really want to breast feed her and use bottles of breast milk. How do I get back on track and increase my milk supply? I’ve been trying to breast feed her every feed, but get kind of tired and give her formula after 20-30 minutes. Right now I’m trying mother’s milk tea by traditional medicinals but it’s not working well so far I’ve used it 2 days in a row. Has anyone else tried this? How many times did you have to drink in a day? Is there anything else or any advice you could give for me? Thank you in advance ❤️
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There’s lactation cookies jn the baby aisle or I heard coconut water / milk help produce more.

Keep latching her. When you get tired pump. And power pump. Make sure you’re emptying your breast out or you can get engorged and that’s no fun. Drink lots of coconut water and coconut milk and eat oatmeal in the mornings with oat milk. Also keep drinking your mother’s milk tea. Go on tik tok they have a lot of good lactation drinks . Try dividing your weight in half and start drinking at least that much water in a day. Your milk will come back. Right now your milk is all over the place and doesn’t really regulate till later

@Q how do you know if you’re fully engorged?

Try shatavari powder. It’s ayurvedic and worked well for me. I had given up trying fenugreek, brewer’s yeast and all sorts of teas. Oatmeal and shatavari worked best for me!

The only proven thing is removing milk. (Supplements, teas, cookies etc are just a money making scheme) Baby is far more effective at removing milk than a pump. But if you're pumping check your flange sizes. Use warm compresses while pumping.

Stay hydrated, make sure you're eating nutrient-dense foods, and latch often Every time you give a bottle of formula or pumped milk, pump. Check your flange size and play around with the settings. You need to be latching her whenever possible, though. That latch is the absolute best thing for increasing your supply. And let her cluster feed. That's why they do that

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