Baby’s third set of injections

How was everyone’s babies after their third lot of injections. My little boy had his yesterday he slept quite a lot but was really unsettled and sad in the night which is not like him 😔
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My boy wasn’t right for about a week after them! Very unsettled, crying loads, completly went off his bottles.

@Lucy oh really 🙁 he seems a bit more himself this morning but he was so sad and unsettled last night. He has been fine with the other jabs x

My little girl had hers yesterday, first 2 sets never bothered her. Wow yesterday was so different 🙈 she was absolutely fine all morning then the afternoon hit and the screaming started. Still had her food all OK, but she wouldn't settle nor sleep. She's teething too, so add that to the mixture but I was so glad to get to bedtime. Xx

@Kelly my little boy was the same, he was absolutely fine with the first two lots just slept, he slept a lot yesterday but in the night he just seemed unsettled and like he was in pain 🙁 my little boy is still taking his bottles fine too, just hope today he perks up a bit x

We had ours few days ago and she’s completely fine no change at all

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