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We are almost ready to transition little one out of her infant car seat into a convertible seat. I am considering the rotating car seat type. Does anyone have one and how do you like it?
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What kind of car do you have? Be aware rotating seats are bulky and take up more room and don't last as long as seatbelt/tethered seats. I have an infant carrier that rotates when in its base. In our old car no one could sit in the front if we used the base.

@Reena ooh good point. I have a 2024 Hyundai Elantra. It’s a sedan. It is pretty roomy in the back but that’s a consideration. What car did you have?

Used to have a Mazda 3, then a merc glc, now a Hyundai ioniq 5. Only the ioniq 5 does it fit comfortably for the front passenger. I realise now you're in the US so your seats will have different limits etc to ours.

I love mine! So easy to take in and out baby, if you have the space I totally recommend it. I think there are some that are not as bulky, you would have to do a little research on that.

We have the Joie i-spin whatever it’s called, it’s great - faces backwards and forwards and definitely easier to wrestle a small child into when they’re having a meltdown about leaving the park 🫠 My mum also has the same and she drives a 2 door VW Polo. I can sit in the front passenger seat fine, maybe a tall man would feel a bit squashed. You can always have it behind the driver if you sit closer to the wheel (we’ve got two kids, so one each side anyway).

We have a Jeep Grand Cherokee & Chevy Equinox and we lovvvvvve our Graco Turn2Me carseat!

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