Toddler Misbehaving?

Am I the only one who feels like my 18 mo old is sometimes out of control? She is super super sweet but she’s still throwing a lot of her food down or throwing objects, screaming when she doesn’t get her way, and also hitting… I try and be calm yet assertive when I’m telling her that these things aren’t right but she just ends up doing the exact opposite. I find that I let social media skew my perception & sometimes wish my baby was calmer, sweeter, listened more etc… even changing her clothes/diaper has become a TASK. I know it’s okay to feel this way, but sometimes I feel like a bad mom for wishing things were different at times. 😢
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Ur not alone ! My 18 mo old has recently been more cranky and has been hitting a lot.

Same here. My son is 18 months and he constantly throws things like his food and his cup off his high chair, and he screams really loud repeatedly when he wants something. It’s like changing a crocodiles diaper everyday so I definitely understand that feeling like a task. 😩😩😩

You are not alone. He is a perfect angel 99% of the time but tell him no or try to wipe his hands after he eats he acts like he's dying. Usually I'm the only one he doesn't fight as hard to change his diaper

Not alone at all! I was just discussing with a friend about how helpless I feel. Throwing, kicking, overall just doesn’t listen….You name it, my son is pushing the limits.

Same and I feel so bad but I have taken to yelling when it's something urgent like she's going to jump off the couch or something because it's the only way she'll listen to me at times. I know she is doing things to try to get my attention or if she's mad about something...but things can't always be perfect for her.

Same here. You are doing great!

Not at all. From brushing teeth to changing clothes to making her wear shoes . Every morning is a struggle. Getting in the car seat, going out she all kinda meltdowns everyday

It's called the terrible twos, but it honestly starts around 18 months. It's perfectly normal. I mean think about it: you're a tiny human incapable of doing hardly anything by yourself, and even the stuff that you CAN do by yourself, your parents don't want to let you do because it makes a mess. You can understand what's being said to you, but you can't figure out how to communicate back effectively. You're feeling all kinds of new emotions that you've never been presented with and have no idea how to handle. All while having absolutely no idea why you have to do any of the things you have to do. You have no concept of money or limited resources, so you don't understand why you can't have fun with your food, or get what you want. It's a strange new time for your baby. It's a struggle for everyone. But I promise you, you've got this.

Just echoing everyone else: so normal. Social media is a highlight reel - don’t compare your most challenging moments to that! (And I would say, misbehaving sort of implies they’re behaving incorrectly — this is all completely developmentally normal so I don’t even classify it that way.)

Same!!! Omg I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed! I’m Really happy i saw this post because Ive definitely felt Alone in this- I’m like Am doing something wrong? 💗💗💗

You are definitely not alone, my lil one is crazyyy. Have my eyebrows raised && eyes twitching every single day. She’s a sweetheart at times but a tyrantttt as well. She also throws the worst tantrums for NO reason. Its ok to discipline or raise your voice . Sometimes they need it lol. We are great mothers && I realized that our children will test every inch of our patience lol. My daughter is 19 months old && as the other moms stated the Terrible Twos are activateddddd. Stay strong mama. You got this 💪🏾💪🏾

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