my baby is a week old today and seems to be constantly hungry!! hes on 3oz every 2 hours do i up him to 4oz or try hungry baby formula instead?
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Hello, you could try both, try one at at time, first try hungry baby formula and if that doesn’t make any difference up to 4oz :) hope this helps x

My son was the same, he’s 20 days old today. I’ve gone up to 4oz and he doesn’t always drink the whole bottle. He just drinks until when he’s had enough. I’d suggest maybe trying 4 oz before giving baby hungry baby formula :)

Id say 4oz, my baby was the same at that age. I asked my midwife about it she said go to 4oz an then it seemed like still not enough for him, so up by half an oz. Make sure you’re burping them lots tho because their little bodies get confused between gas and hunger cues x

Yeah don't use hungry formula unless giving him 4oz isn't enough, I asked my midwife if I could go on hungry as my baby is the same, she said it doesn't make them full.. it just doesnt digest as quick as normal formula? X

My baby is a week and a half old and is having a full 4oz every 3 hours. I wouldn’t rush into hungry baby milk just yet. My baby was 8lb 1oz when he was born so he’s chunky anyway xxx

@Ruth oohh i didnt imagíne their body gets confused from bloated, thankx !! 🫶

My boy is 2 weeks and he was demanding more by a week old. He’s now on 4oz every 3h so I would offer 3/3.5 and see how you get on

thankyou everyone! first time mum here so was stressing that he wasn’t getting enough. he was a week early so was a bit concerned if it was too much for him especially as he was only 6lbs 3.5 oz when he was born x

My son was 4 weeks yesterday and has been on 5oz for about a week and a half now he goes around 4 hours now so definitely worth trying to up the oz especially if he is finishing his bottles!

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