Milk transition

My little boy is 1 next weekend! When is everyone thinking of transitioning to milk, how did you do it?! I’m so confused haha!
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I did it about a month ago. I started by putting it on his cereal just to make sure his tummy was OK with it. Then went to bottles, we are having the problem that he doesn't want it on its own in a bottle so I am going to get some more formula and mix it for a while til he gets use to it x

i started about 2 weeks ago, i gave him cows milk as a morning bottle then formula for his night time for the first couple of days to see how he’d react to the cows milk, he was absolutely fine, so i took his formula away and he’s on cows milk permanently for morning and night time bottles, i have to warm it up for my LO because he hates cold milk, but it’s pretty simple, don’t stress about it doll, any advice just message me xxx

My daughter went into it about a week ago. I've done the same for both my kids, and just gone straight swap to milk when the formula ran out. Only prep I did was put pre-made formula in the fridge to get used to the temp, and neither really seemed to notice the change

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