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My name is Cassandra and I am looking for more friends that I can talk to I do not mind if I'm not in the same state! I just want to content with someone 💕
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Hi Cassandra I’m in the same boat We do vist Wisconsin once every year maybe one day we can meet

You can message me anytime 😊

@Cassandra message me girl! I'm from Wisconsin!

Awee that is girls 🥹

Hello Cassandra I’m here

Hi , message me ! I’m in Texas lol

Hey girl 🫶🏽

Hi Cassandra! You can always message me! I'd love to have more mom friends even if you're in another state! ☺️

Hey I’m in Iowa 👋🏻💗

ill do it

Hello, im in Las Vegas , NV 👋🏻

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