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Please please I’m a single mum and I’ve been smoking for a while now. Wanting to stop due to obvious reasons such as wanting to be more present live in the now and actually be positive. But my fear is the fact that i actually don’t know what to do when I don’t smoke. I feel uncomfortable and just irritated. When I do smoke I feel better. But smoking has made me so depressed. Have a negative outlook on life sometimes and it’s like not fair now my baby is here. I want to live life without feeling like being a mother is a burden sometimes (I feel like this when I don’t smoke) So what are your smoking tips to leave it completely or even for a month straight. The withdrawal symptoms are the worst part of it. Like the sleepless night the hungry belly but no appetite the not eating at all going skinny. The mental part of it knowing you can’t escape the reality. What are your tips cause I want to. I really do want to stop but nothing’s working I keep going back to it.
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Do you usually stop cold turkey? It might help to gradually reduce how often you smoke rather than just quitting.

Don't 100% cut it out to try to quit. I've had the best luck taking tolerance breaks by slowly reducing like smoking and then eating dinner and going to sleep right away. I wake up without withdrawal that way and still full so I can go leave the house and busy myself till night again

Honestly the right answer is gonna be more complicated than just smoking. You probably have an underlying mental health concern that’s being self medicated with weed. I’m Autistic and ADHD and struggled a lot with substances when I was younger and after going sober and messing up my sobriety a couple of times I realized it was so much less to do with the substance and everything to do with what I was running from. I’m California sober now with occasional drinks (I’m talking once every few months) I’ve realized that I can have a healthy relationship with substances. I can medicate with weed without escaping with it too. I definitely recommend slowing down like you’ve been doing but you’re not going to be able to see the changes you want to see without also doing the work mentally and physically to improve your health 🩷

I felt like that for a bit but then realized I didn’t need to quit, I was just doing it too much and not appreciating it anymore, I try to use it only when I need to and it helps me appreciate its benefits

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