Is it happening 🫣

39 weeks tomorrow, Felt a little trickle this morning while lay in bed but started with shooting pains in my vagina, now they’re like period cramps, manageable but not painful. Do I ring triage or wait it out
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I would wait it out, mainly because I want to spend as much time as home possible before going to hospital as I think I will be more comfortable at home, monitor the cramps and if they worsen/become frequent pattern make the call?

@JillThank you, I’m gonna wait it out, I’ve got a facial appointment at 2 that I desperately want to go to 😅 my midwife said at last app better to spend as long as possible at home x

yeah, that's what my midwife said too! I would definitely get the facial too, it will help you relax x

@Jill yeah definitely! I’ll take paracetamol in the meantime x

Did you make it to your appointment @Hayley ?

@Emma I did thank you! However still cramping and lost some mucus plug this evening x

@Hayley congratulations! 🎊

Congratulations mumma ! Xx

Thank you! Xx

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