Slowly transitioning away from EBF

Baby is coming up to 10 months, I have slowly started to transition to formula, introducing one bottle a day, then 2 and now on 3 bottles. BF once/maybe twice a day but going down to one. How much formula is your baby on per feed? Feel like I can never judge it right. Will make up 5/6oz but will only drink 3/4oz but when I make up only3/4oz she sometimes wants more 🙈 on 3 meals per day and is a good eater. Can anyone share routines for their little one?x
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My little one went on a nursing strike over Easter while teething badly, so I've decided to stop BF. I'm going back to work in the coming weeks, so feel like it's a good time. He has been taking a 7oz bottle before bed. During the day I offer 6oz cold in a cup around 10am and 3pm. He doesn't drink much at all, maybe 2oz, so then I give him the rest to drink with lunch and dinner. I have been giving him a 7oz bottle in the morning, but he's not eating his solid breakfast, so I'm going to stop the bottle and just give him a solid breakfast. All new to this, so would like to hear others routines too.

I did the same as you. Always did a 6oz 180ml. My LG sometimes drank it all, some times not. She's a bit of a snacker so she needs to come up for air for a bit then go back for more. When she had a cold she went off solids so gave her more formula. If you're feeding baby a really good mixed diet, don't stress too much about the milk xx

I always do 6oz (7 for bed) Usually around 7:30, 12:30, 3:30 and bedtime bottle. Sometimes he drinks 4 sometimes he drinks all of it. But he still feeds to sleep so he is content after the 6 and falls asleep.

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