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My little 8 weeks old is drinking 2 ounces every 2 hours and after my 6-8 week appointment I tried different teats and he's still drinking the same. Health visitor is concerned and has booked a home visit with me this Monday but baby is happy and content. He smiles and does everything he's supposed to be doing and he's grown from 38cm to 58cm in 7 weeks. Has anyone's babies done the same and is there anything you have tried? I haven't tried changing his milk yet as I can see he's happy and doesn't even cry loads and sleeps at night from 7:30 till 2:30 for a feed then wakes again at around 7:30.
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Is his weight gain slow? If he’s staying in his percentile, this doesn’t sound like an issue. Some babies are just snackers, so want little and often rather than 3-4oz every 3-4 hours.

Yes I think he is a snacker. He is staying on 2nd percentile but is growing but they just seem so concerned and it's making me worry cause I didn't have this problem with my first x

But yea his weight gain is slow x

From what I can remember I think if baby is 2nd percentile or lower they like to do a bit of investigating as to why that is. If his weight gain keeps him within the 2nd percentile and he’s otherwise ok, that should then be the end of it. If his weight gain is so slow it’s meaning he’s dropping percentiles, they will probably suggest trying different things to get him to take more milk. My advice would be that if the health visitors want to keep having appointments, but they aren’t really offering anything helpful I would request to see a paediatrician to get more guidance. Xx

Thanks Joanna. I'll see what happens when they visit on Monday. If nothing works then I'll see a paediatrician x

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