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Am 27 +2 and just wandering how everyone is keeping track of movement/finding a pattern. Feel so anxious at times wondering if babies alright in there.
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I just make myself hyper aware of the movements and try to sit back and enjoy them, eventually i just learned the pattern is shes most active at night. I try to encourage more kicking and movement when she moves if I am worried if she is alright or not. You could poke, shake, sing, press in her space, ive been recommended to do an icecube ect.

I'm 26+2 and no real pattern yet but there does seem to be a weekly pattern weirdly. I find she's really active on Mondays and Tuesdays and then not as active the rest of the week. I still feel her move but the movements aren't as strong as they are on Mon/Tue and this has been the case for the past 4 weeks or so. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

@Annaliese kind of! Not so much the specific days of the week, but he’s definitely super wriggly all day for 2-3 days in a row, then he’ll have a quiet day, then back to all day again. I do WFH full time and I have a posterior placenta so I think I notice more in general. But yeah, definitely having a quiet day after a busy few seems to be his pattern ☺️

Because i have an anterior placenta, im using a kick app to reassure me everytime i forget i go on it and it tells me the time he last kicked and how many times, i also have an anterior placenta so it was harder to feel x

Baby was quite yesterday but think is was because they had their back pressed right up to my stomach so imagine all the kicks were into my placenta so a bit more dull. This morning however they have been super active, just like to keep me on my toes 😅

I’m pretty much the same as you, 27+4 and I don’t have a pattern. Last time I went to the midwife she said the baby should move at the same frequency each day . Since then I called the midwife helpline because this definitely doesn’t happy - it depends what I’m doing in the day. I think a pattern is meant to form after 28. As long as you’re feeling baby each day then that’s okay ☺️nans if you feel really anxious just go and get checked - need to look after yourself too ❤️

I use an app and everything I feel the baby kick I just record it straight away. Then at the end of the day I can see what time in the day they kick the most

My midwife said I should feel her in the morning, afternoon and evening and to call if I don’t. They have sleep patterns so can be still for up to 90mins. If you’re busy or rushing round at work like me I can often miss them so i was told I need to find 30 mins to sit and pay attention to if she’s moving every morning/afternoon and evening.

Thank you everyone for the reassurance! Definitely made me feel better about things ❤️

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