Bathroom issues

Is it just me or is anyone else afraid to push to have to use the bathroom (#2) because of how far along you are? I’m a ftm & before being pregnant, me using the bathroom was never an issue and now i feel im scared the baby will come out unexpectedly or something😂😅
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I have the same worry 😅

Same! 😆

😂😂 awesome, feels good I’m not the only one who’s concerned about that

I had that worry when I was constipated and was on the toilet for literally 2 hours but that was horrible so i just pushed a lot anyway, it was the only way i was ever going to leave the toilet 😭 taking a stool softener now and it’s much better lol

@Kayla I’ll only push for a minute or two but I’ve heard some women will feel like they have to poop and baby comes out so after i pee, I’m always like *flush* so if baby does come out it’s a clean bowl 🫣😅

lol pregnancy things us women go through

@Tatiana LOL yeah it’s def something that can happen!! But I think you’d have to be feeling some type of contracting, not related to just pooping

This is my third pregnancy, and sometimes just to do a number two I have to mantra that I'm not going to go into labor just cuz I have to go to the bathroom. Early on it's not going to miscarry just cuz you have to go to the bathroom. For some of us the struggle is real and it doesn't get talked about enough you are definitely not alone

Oh I feel you I’ve had really bad constipation and every time I go all I can think is this it he’s coming out even though it’s extremely unlikely the pushing always stresses me out doesn’t help the poops just seem to be getting worse

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