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UPDATE ; I managed to trick her by putting bottle in place of the breast and while she was mid suckle I removed the bottle and put her on the boob and she latched😍 it’s not full feed from the boob but, it’s a step in the right direction🤩 I don’t exclusively breastfeed because it’s easier to give her breast and bottle but she does breastfeed everyday without fail with a guaranteed morning and night feed of the breast however over the last two days she just will not even try to latch I put her anywhere near my boob and she cries!! I’ve tried bottle first then breast to calm her. I’ve tried everything but she just will not do it and I don’t understand why all of a sudden it’s changed and I’m worried my BF journey is coming to an end after only 9 weeks😢
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Sometimes babies gain a preference for the bottle because the milk comes out faster. You could try paced bottle feeding to get her back used to a slower flow. Also lots of skin to skin and encouraging her to latch might help xx

@Hannah I do pace feeding with every feed otherwise she gets very sicky it’s just so sudden and it was just the day before I was saying I never have a problem getting her to latch. She’s also dropped down in her bottle feed though from 180mls to 120mls 130 if we are lucky? I don’t get it My partner pointed it it has been just over a week since she’s had her needles but up until about 2 days ago everything’s been fine xx

Just keep trying my son went through a phase like that too for a few days to a week he just wanted the bottle I was so scared he wasn’t gonna latch again too! they get confused and lazy that’s why it’s recommended not to introduce bottles for at least 4 weeks or something until breastfeeding is established (I did wait but it still happened) Just keep giving your boob and give the bottle less. I used to spray some milk in his mouth then pop the boob in 🤣🤣🤣 they get used to how easy it is with the bottle and they get too lazy to breastfeed since it takes a minute for your letdown to start

@Alexis I think this is what’s happening so everytime I bottle feed now I make sure to pump aswell but I’m still offering breast and she just will not take it xx

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