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Hey mummas.. I’ve started to have some anxiety when it comes to thinking about giving birth. With my first, I had an unmedicated normal delivery with 3rd degree tearing. Thinking about my options for the second I’m wondering whether to opt for an elective c section. I’m quite torn though because I truly believe in the benefits of a vaginal birth and natural processes.. however I am having fears such as 1. Impact on my 3rd degree tear for round 2, 2. I have GDM again in this preg and somehow I naturally went into labour last time, there’s a chance I need to be induced this time 3. I had a very quick labour last time (30mins + out in 3 pushes) so I’m terrified baby 2 could pop out even sooner and what if I am not in hospital in time and 4. I just found out yest I have strep b and that has freaked me out too about natural birth 😭 Just wanted to get thoughts on c sections, whether any of you have opted for it after vaginal birth and general experience of recovery.
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I personally have had 2 c-sections and no vaginal deliveries so not exactly the experience you’re looking for, but I can say I loved both of my c-sections. I just had my second baby 2 weeks ago today and feel great honestly, recovery is a lot better when it’s planned. At the end of the day it’s your decision and you should do whatever feels the most comfortable to you.

I think they say you won’t tear as much on a second birth but you also can work with a provider who tries to reduce tearing. There are also positions and things that can be done in labor to reduce . I also would hire a birth doula too.

I had the same as you. I had a spontaneous delivery for first. Labour and delivery was 23mins and I had a urethra tear(upwards) I’m scared to have my second but I hear that the more u have the easier it gets

Hi. I am in a very similar position to this, first labour was induction, 3rd degree tear and forceps, recovery was awful so I have decided a c-section this time, we had our consultant appointment yesterday who was trying to convince us to stick natural although we stuck with the c-section plan, I’m nervous too as natural is best like you say but I can’t bare the thought of going through the same as last time! I have read the risks and stuck with section xx

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