Postpartum bleeding

I am 4 weeks PP, my bleeding had slowed down ) practically stopped but the last few days I've had fresh blood like a light period again. Does anyone know if it's normal for PP bleeding to stop and start?
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The same happened to me, I had an emergency C-section. I bled for 4/5 weeks, it slowed down then had a period type bleed. Then after that nothing until 5.5 months pp. Hope this helps xx

I stopped for about a day about 3 and half weeks pp, then had period type again for a few days. Now been stopped for a few days. I'm 4w 3d pp xx

This is currently happening to me at 4weeks pp also!

I also had something similar and my midwife asked me if I was more active as this can start the bleeding up again apparently.

That's what happened / is happening with me and I'm 3 months PP. But I spoke to the doctor about it in my checkup and he sent me to get a scan. Apparently I still have something left inside but it's too small for them to want to do anything to remove it so I just have to wait till it comes out one day

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