Baby still waking at night

My little boy is 11 months, he went through a phase a few weeks ago of sleeping right through 6-6, now he seems to have gone back to waking at 11, sometimes again at 2/3. He will only go back with a feed. Anyone have any tips? He’s a chunky boy, eats well in the day. Doesn’t need more milk overnight, so I think the feed is probably for comfort, but it’s getting ridiculous now as he’s nearly 1 😩
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My daughter currently sleep 7/7.30_ 6. And she wakes in the night but doesn't feed but will wake once or twice and just lay there babbling. No idea why but its exhausting x

Definitely normal unfortunately. My LO wakes every hour at best unless she’s touching me 🙈. I bf to sleep for every wake as it’s the quickest way to settle her, you’re not alone ❤️

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