EBF baby constipated?

My almost 6 month old son hasn’t pooped in three days and the info online is giving me mixed messages. Is this normal at this age or should i be worried? He’s not started weaning yet
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So my daughter is EBF and she used to have this as well. She wouldn’t poo for like three days sometimes four and then all of a sudden it will just come. But now that she started weaning, the poo has changed to more solid and comes a bit more regularly. X

If your baby is still ebf it’s normal (according to my health visitor and a pediatrician that I spoke to). Babies ebf can go up to 10 days without pooping. They say to check if baby is peeing normally, that’s the most important thing.

My baby sometimes didn't poop for 7-14 days, doctor and midwife both said it's normal when ebf

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