Of course lots of first time mums in this group, but those that are on 2nd, 3rd etc and had c-section, how many people are thinking about a vbac for this birth? I'm weighing up all options, and was thinking about it yesterday and realised I think I only know 1 person who didn't have a c-section first time so looking for some positive hospital birth stories ☺️
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I’ve had a previous csection 11 years ago and this time I am really considering a VBAC. It’s the recovery of the c section I found so difficult so I am going to see if I can my midwife said I have the same odds as any expectant mum to have a vaginal delivery x

Had a c section with my first and currently debating what to do with second. I’ve got a 3 year old so the recovery time is making sway to vbac but then I don’t want to have an emergency c section again x

I had an emergency section at 34 weeks with my first and I’m planning on having a vbac this time all being well. I didn’t go into labour with my first and was just rushed down to theatre so in a weird way I would like to experience labour this time but obviously happy for a section if that’s the safest option at the time xx

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