Is there anything that can get my cervix to start dilating? I’m 39 weeks and 2 days and still 0cm dilated and 50% effaced. I’m trying so many things and trying to avoid getting induced if possible. I go back to see my doctor on Monday and he’s going to schedule a day for induction at that time. I’d much rather have my baby natural because I’m hearing so many negative things about induction and I’m already terrified of giving birth. I’m desperate and will do anything at this point as long as it’s safe 😩 I’m in so much pain and want him out. Plus I’m getting impatient and just want to hold him already! Lol
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Following because same! I’m 39 and 3 as of today 4/4 ❤️ there was a link to a yoga video that’s supposed to help induce and lots of people have said it works!

It’s a couple of posts down!

@Kelly Mae I’ll have to try it when I get up in the morning! I’m just so exhausted and he’s causing so much pain. And I’m terrified to give birth already and would rather keep it as natural as possible to lower the risks and complications. Hopefully it helps start at least something! Lol

Okay soo I’m scheduled to be induced Tuesday I have until then to get my little girl out! I’ve been eating lots of pineapples, walking , bouncing on a ball, sex, up & down on sidewalk, Raspberry Leaf Tea & I’m going to trying to dance alot this weekend as well! Also the last 3 weeks when I’ve been getting my cervix checked I’ve only been dialted to a .5 😭😭😭😭

i’ve heard great things about dates (3 medjool or 6 neglet noor dates daily) and evening primrose oil, i’m 37 weeks and started using the evening primrose oil. i take a 1000 mg gel tablet and poke some holes in it, insert it vaginaly (wearing a panty liner) before going to sleep. it has been known to soften the cervix naturally!

I’ve heard of women having great success with doing the full 90 minutes of the miles circuit. There are full length videos you can follow along with on YouTube

Have sex, preferably missionary or doggy style and allow your partner to finish inside . Semen has prostaglandins which help ripen your cervix. Which is equivalent to cytotec and cervidil . Manual expression of the breast; not with a pump. With your hands, this allows the release of oxytocin from the brain which will cause more contractions. Curb walking, pelvic tilts, get on your knees and lean onto your chest and do pelvic tilts and rock side to side. The best way to induce is to self induce prior to meds or go in labor naturally . 6 contractions in an hour or when they’re 5 mins apart, it’s time to go in! Good luck! Wishing you a healthy & safe delivery! Listen to your body, breath and relax through the contractions. Your body will want to tense us but you need to breath through it and allow them to happen. If you plan on getting an epidural; there is not right or wrong time, listen to your body, youll know when it’s time.

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