Colostrum expression

Hello Mums and Mums to be! FTM here and I am 37 weeks 2 days as on today. I started expressing colostrum this morning. And after I express it, I feel contractions in the belly - like the belly goes rock hard and relaxes alternatively. Is this the normal reaction you all have when you express colostrum? Has anyone gone into labour after expressing colostrum? 😅 Just curious if I should continue with this routine daily or take a precautionary step.
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I was advised only to express colostrum after 39 weeks as it can bring on labour 😅

@Steph ah makes sense. But I’m scheduled for a C-section in 5 days 😅 so I started expressing colostrum today.

I did google it though and it did say can cause contractions that won’t lead to anything it’s just the hormone being released that does it… so I don’t really know 😅 All the best with your c section

@Steph awww thanks Steph!! 😊 wish you the best too!

It’s safe to express from 37 weeks with your providers approval it’s normal to contract after/during expression nipple stimulation is known to cause contractions as long as they don’t continue for long after it’s completely normal and safe x

I get Braxton Hicks when expressing and I started doing it at 37 weeks. If the cramping is intense I just pause for a bit until it subsides then start again. I'm 39 weeks tomorrow and haven't gone into labour yet from expressing!

I also notice baby kicks around a bit when I express too! Not sure why 😆

@Santana thanks for reassuring 😊

@Jess haha yeah mine too! I am confused if the baby is stressed or if I should stop. It helps to see that you have been expressing it for 2 weeks and no labour yet 😁

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