Hey I’m currently 17 weeks pregnant and everyone said I would get an energy burst in my second trimester however I am exhausted all the time no matter how much I sleep or nap I am consistently tired or low energy and finding it really hard to get out of bed or go to work has anyone els felt like this I’m not sure if it’s normal to feel this tired I truly am exhausted I slept for 13 hours after taking a 2 hour nap ! Surely this isn’t normal any advice welcome thank you for reading xx
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I’m nearly 20 weeks, I’m also still exhausted. I think it’s slightly better than before but still major and I’m still in bed so early or falling asleep early on sofa🤣

Big hugs 🤗 I’ve been struggling massively too, I have severely low iron deficiency and even with the medications just can’t stay awake for long. No advice just you’re not alone 🤍 Hopefully our energy bursts will come soon Xx

29 weeks still exhausted 😂 sorry if that doesn't help but yeah it's a nightmare isn't it xx

@Chloe honestly bed is my best friend 😩 xx

@Niomi thank you so much darling ! Honestly struggling so much never have the energy to do anything xx

@Caitlin honestly one thing I’m not liking

i’m 38 weeks on saturday and i was like this my whole first and second trimester it was about 34/35 week i got a sudden burst of energy and it hasn’t changed now x

I was exhausted throughout my whole pregnancy. My little girl is 18 months now, but I remember never feeling that burst of energy during my pregnancy and waiting for it to come! Each pregnancy is different, just look after yourself and do what you need to get as much rest as you can ❤️ xx

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