Feeds/Oz in a day ?

My little girl is three and a half months old, used to always have 5 feeds a day (4hour stretches) and was on 7oz bottles (usually finished them), the last few days she’s been sleeping longer stretches at night so dropped to four feeds. She’s started teething too so has no interest in an extra one being introduced back in 😳 How much do your little ones feed in a day? I’m afraid she’s not going to be getting enough
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we do 5 6oz bottles a day for our 3 month old with 3 hour stretches but he sleeps through so we don’t tend to do a night feed although sometimes he will want one.

My little girl has 4x 6oz bottles a day and sleeps through roughly 8pm - 7am with no night feed. She used to be on 5 bottles but couldn’t fit them in lol x

Around 4x5oz and 1x6oz with the odd extra 1-3oz randomly lol!

5x5oz every 4 hours but sometimes misses one feed a day. But since going on NUTRAMIGEN milk, I'm lucky if she'll take a full bottle now x

My little girl done the exact same, was having 5 7oz bottles and went through the night, now she only has the 4 and won’t take anymore, if she’s having the 7oz 4x then she is having 28oz a day and recommends 24-32 If she’s putting her weight on then I wouldn’t worry too much Hope that helps x

6-7oz every 3 hours during the day and then no night feeds. The recommended is usually on the back of the formula for their age I’m sure it’s 30oz in a 24hr period

I always give my baby a 7oz. Sometimes he finishes and sometimes he doesn’t. There really is no rhyme nor reason to it. According to my app he gets an average of 6 feeds a day and 30.5oz a day.

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