Vitamin D supplements

Has anyone not given their baby the vitamin D drops ? I read about how toxic it is for babies and that it's unnecessary, but doctors say to give it nonetheless. My baby is breastfed, and I take vitamin D supplements myself to make sure that my milk has everything she needs, but I need to know if it's okay to not give her the drops and keep what I am doing. She is 6 months old and she just started eating bit of vegetables and fruits and eggs , I try to expose her to the sun as much as possible!
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Where did you read it was toxic? More harmful to not give it

NHS advice on Vitamin D:,than%20a%20milligram%20(mg). NHS advice on sun safety:,some%20protection%20from%20the%20sun.

Doctors say to give it to babies because they need it. You cannot get vitamin D from food so it's essential that you supplement.

So weird, I don’t think we are given this advice in Australia. Or at least, I never was. Can they not get it from very mild sun exposure?

@Ellen I was told by health visitor due to climate in UK they don’t get enough vit d so would need the drops.

Oh wow well there you go.

As long as you are taking at least 6000iu it crosses into the breastmilk. I already take high vit d daily because I'm low in it. Ped said that's perfectly fine to skip the drops

@Shalee 6000iu!!?? I didn't think it needed to be as much as that! The Dr prescribed supplements of 1600iu for me as mine has always shown to be too low (I thought 1600iu was a higher dosage than normal!). I breastfeed my LO and don't give them any drops 🫤

@Colleen idk I take 10,000 iu daily for myself

@Shalee there's so much conflicting info 😩

Personally my levels were at 19 they should be between 40 and 50. My doctor told me 10k and pediatrician said 6k for it to transfer in milk 🤷🏼‍♀️

@Ellen I live in Texas where it’s almost always sunny and I still struggle with my vitamin d levels. Supplementation is often needed, regardless of where you live.

@Sasha I also have low vitimin d due to an autoimmune condition but a medical professional has never told me to supplement my baby’s vit d. Especially without testing….

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