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So I am 14 weeks pregnant with my first, and just got a new job. I am feeling very anxious about telling my new boss in case they will fire me? Does anyone have any advice on how and when to tell a new job you’re pregnant? It only makes it worse I am pretty sure I’m autistic so sometimes important things come out wrong. 😑
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I don't think you *have* to tell them until 15 weeks before you're due. However in a lot of cases it's not possible to hide for so long for multiple reasons so it's completely up to you when you decide to tell them. They'd have to accommodate for any antenatal appointments you'd have, and I'm pretty sure they can't fire you just for being pregnant as you could sue them very easily for discrimination if they did

I worked out the latest I could possibly tell my workplace as I fell pregnant quickly into my new job. I only told them 2 weeks ago and I’m currently 5 months. They can’t fire you as that would be discrimination :). I just told them straight up that I’m pregnant, there isn’t really a way to sugarcoat it, they processed everything straight away and I’ll be getting a risk assessment done soon.

They can’t fire you for being pregnant, it’s discrimination ☺️ I was like 8 weeks pregnant when I started my job and I told them after my 12 week scan. I’m sure you just have to tell them by 25 weeks, it’s up to you when you tell them before that

I told my employer at about 3 months along, and I’m glad I did as they became more understanding of my condition. Especially since I was going through it bad with morning sickness.

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