Cold with baby

My baby girl is a month today and I’ve woken up with a terrible cold there’s only me to look after her whilst my partners at work and I’m terrified of giving her it does anyone have any recommendations of what I can do to prevent it obviously frequent hand washing and I don’t kiss my baby anyway and will she be okay if she does catch it as it seems to be really bad in me xx
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Baby will get their immunity from you 😊

@Phoebe I’m not breastfeeding so is this still the same - I know they’re born with some immunity I’m just paranoid of her getting ill 😩 xx

Hey! I was in exactly the same position 2 weeks ago and I think mine did catch mine, she was quite sniffly for a few days and congested. If you're not kissing her and washing hands regularly that's all you can really do. Obviously be careful with sneezing and coughing nearby (which is hard when you're feeding or burping) but try to turn away from them

There’s very little you can do to stop it spreading. Get some calpol so you’re ready if she gets ill and keep an eye on her but the more worried you are, the longer your recovery will take.

@Sarah do you know if there is calpol for a 4 week old I can’t seem to find any xx

There isn’t any calpol for a 4 week old however there is a calpol plug in which helps with congestion. Baby will still get your antibodies even when you’re not feeding but honestly try not to worry, usually if a baby gets a cold they’ll get over it just as quick 😊 xx

Oh! I apologise, I forgot calpol was for later. Sorry

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