My LO IS 1 and when I’m changing his nappy he is rolling over making it really difficult to put a nappy back on him. He isn’t up walking yet so i can’t potty train him. Can I use pull ups or his he too young? I am putting his nappies on with him sat on my lap but it’s so difficult still xx
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Yeah I’ve been using pull-ups recently and they’re a game changer

Definitely pull ups, I've been using them for months as it was draining and I was dreading each nappy change! It's now so much easier 😁

Another vote for pull-ups! I've been using them since she was 7 or 8 months and they've been amazing! A lot easier.

We use nappy pants (pull ups) and they have been a life saver!

I’m in the same situation but he’s still in size 3s so can’t use nappy pants 😩 x

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