Sore around the area where scar is

Hi I’m 17m PP, and yesterday I started getting cramps around the area where my scar is, and today it feels very tender and I’m struggling to move about. What could this be? My period finished last week
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I’ve had this around my period too, but also my pelvic floor PT taught me it could also be my tight hip flexors so I do stretches for that and sometimes helps! Also heat and Advil/ibuprofen when it happens. Going to ask my GP too though cuz makes me nervous, I am 16mo PP and it’s been happening more past few months

I also have this!!

@Kynsie how long have you been experiencing it for? I’ve never had any pain in this area before so it’s really odd. I can’t even carry my son

My hips still hurt when I sleep and I’m 17 months pp and sometimes my scar hurts I guess it takes a long time to heal idk

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