Food poisoning and bed sharing...

I think I have food poisoning right now and my lo will only go to sleep with me. I keep waking him up with my gagging because our bathroom is in the bedroom. Husband has to work in the morning and lo won't let him put him to sleep. What should we do?
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Oh gosh this sounds tough…following as I’m in the same position with bedsharing and have always wondered what I would do if this happened to me. Hope some people can find a solution for you!

Omg that sounds horrific. Do you guys not have another bathroom? Or maybe a bucket you can take to another part of the house so as to not wake anybody up? X

@Sophie we only have the one bathroom and a little tmi but it keeps switching from diarrhea to vomiting so I need the bathroom...

your husband should definitely call out so he can help you!!

Your husband may have work tomorrow but you've got a baby and yourself to take care of. He will survive a night or two of interrupted sleep to sooth baby while you're in the bathroom. It doesn't matter that baby won't sleep just that he's there for baby.

You basically just don't sleep Hubby needs to call in sick for work. If you have gastro bad enough you end up in hospital for dehydration. He needs to help with baby, let you lay in bed tomorrow and make sure you are actually ok.

Oh whoops this was 2 days ago. How are you doing now? Are you recovered?

@Ella I am fine now, I think it was one of those 24hr bugs. I honestly forgot I posted this 😅 Neither one of us ended up sleeping well but we're in a rough financial spot so he had to go to work and me and my son ended up going to my sil house. She let me nap and recover while she watched my son. It helped a lot.

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