Car seat drama

My 22m old little girl forever takes her arms out of her car seat when we are driving somewhere, we have tried putting a safety clip on there but she still escapes from that 🫣 it always makes me worried if we crash she's not safe. We pull the straps tight but she seems to find a way! No matter what the car seat is 🫣 any advice on how we can try stop this?
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We had this too. Unfortunately she inherited my hyper mobility because she’s like Houdini and has some sensory issues too. The only way out of it was to keep showing her us wearing our safety belts, cartoons on you tube about safety belts and a topsy and Tim book on safety. We also now give her a teddy to hold as the health visitor said that helps and sing a little song about putting it on. She’s much much better now. Hope that helps x

It's usually the fit. Inserts taken out to early etc highly recommend taking a picture and posting it on car seat safety UK on Facebook they are really helpful xx

Like Emily said; usually how she’s fitting in the seat, make sure the clip you’re using is the crash tested one and post a pic xx

what seat are you using? it's likely the fit is incorrect and that is what's allowing her to get her arms out. there's very few clips that are crash tested and not all are compatible with all seats. do you want to pop a photo on of her strapped into the seat and i can take a look for you? x

We use the joie spin 360 car seat but my husband has a mother care car seat in his car which she also gets out of.

@Marie do you want to post pictures of her in the seats?x

@Marie looks like all inserts have been taken out and the chest clip isn't a crush approved one unfortunately

@Marie all inserts in, minus the head hugger then raise the headrest to accommodate if needed x

@Marie she needs the inserts back in. you can unpop the headhugger from the body insert as she won't need that, but she needs the body insert and the wedge back in. you also need to remove the chest clip as it's not crash tested xx

what mothercare seat is she in in your husbands car? x

is she rear facing in the joie spin?? x

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