Universal credit meeting

I have a universal credit meeting on Monday what questions do they ask you. I hate having meetings I get really embarrassed and uncomfortable as I don’t know what there going to ask.
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At mine they didn't ask anything really. They just check my ID and made sure everything on the system was correct. They might ask if you're working or a student but at mine there was nothing else to it. If you're a single mum they don't expect you to work until your child turns 3 (at least thats what I was told) I was nervous as well but they are nice and are here to help

If your in a relationship or married then at least 1 of you has to be in work the parent that will be the nominated career for their child will have less pressure on them to find work up untill the child is 3

@Natalia I’m a single mum and handing my Notice into work to quit, I’m due back 02/05/2024 n im scared uc will make me put him in child care n find a job but I have no family who can help n look after him if I was to work? But also seen they may make me do it n pau 85% back? But he’s 1 on 16th may? X

@Jasmine I'm not sure how it fully works because I don't work there. I know someone that did but if you're single and don't have much family I don't think they will make you go to work especially if you're due soon xxx best thing to do is explain your situation to them and they will try to help out xx it might not be a lot of money that they can give but it's something which helps xxx

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