Braxton hicks

Hello, I’m 38w today and I keep getting very MILD period like cramps that last for maybe a minute and then go away and come and go randomly throughout the day but not too often maybe 4-5 times a day, I hardly notice them though, is this braxton hicks?
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That sounds like Braxton Hicks. If they become painful and regular, you get any bleeding, change in discharge, lots of fluid loss, baby's movements change or you're concerned in any way, call the hospital and let them know.

I’ve been getting them too, 38+5. Impatiently waiting for baby to arrive, he’s fully engaged and ready to go, be nice if he decided to arrive 😂

@Zailie yes I’m in the same boat but other than these cramps NOTHING although I have been feeling a little nauseous too

@Taneisha I’ve been a little nauseous, and have superrrr bad ligament pain to the point where it doesn’t actually stop. Walking, sitting, laying, constant pain, midwife gave me a belly band thing today which is supposed to help, but if it’s still this bad Monday I think I’m gonna call and ask if I can be induced 😅 I have a 1 year old so trying to run around after him whilst my partner works 12 hour days isn’t easy. Here’s hoping baby decides to come over the weekend 🤞🏽 my son was born at 39+2 so I’m pretty close to that and hoping this boy decides to evacuate early too 😂

@Zailie best of luck to you, the last weeks aren’t very fun🥴

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