The worm

Anyone else’s baby crawl like this? Any tips on how to get him to crawl properly.
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No advice, but solidarity lol! My daughter does a weird froggy gorilla crawl unless she’s on carpet 😂 it’s so annoying because I know she can do your traditional crawl. I thought it would come with time, but now she’s just getting faster at her crawl lol. I worry she’ll break her leg!

My boy does that but also uses his head to slide on the floor 😫😂

This is so cute. My daughter was born in May and doesn't move at all. Wish she would do this at least haha

My little girl was doing something similar. Never this coordinated though!! Well done 👏 she soon got the hang of using her knees x

My little ones struggling crawling we were told try putting a towel under their tum n holding them up with it as they crawl to help them? Have to say that version is seriously cute though lol

Maybe just have him in a vest so he’s got better grip as his clothes could make it slippery on the floor xx

The dog is just staring 🤣 we have wooden floor and our LG struggles with slipping until we got some of the foam puzzle floor pieces and left her in just a vest for the morning/afternoon so she had more grip and we would physically help her get her knees in the right position then crawl next to her and she would try and copy. But this is adorable! 😍

My little girl commando crawls, same as her two older brothers did as a baby🤣

My little girls only army crawling but yesterday she was doing it with her legs in the splits?! I guess eventually they will crawl in the normal way but for now atleast they can get around! Though I did think it would be better once she could get around but it is hard work!! She’s annoying her brother to the max destroying everything he’s trying to do, getting in to everything nothings safe!!

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